4A Edition Vol 2 #1 Now released

VOL 2, #1
Area of Maya (2012)
C-type print
60cm x 85cm

Jae Hoon Lee (b.1973) is a Korean artist who lives and works in New Zealand. His artistic practice explores the interplay between real and virtual experience, investigating the boundaries of cultural and physical space. Through extensive travelling, Lee amasses images of different cultural territories and geographical locations, which he then digitally fuses together to create new landscapes that blur real and imaginary experience. By utilising digital media in this manner, Lee’s work transcends spatial boundaries, suggesting possibilities of simultaneity, transformation and boundlessness that reinforces his highly personal Buddhist philosophy.

Area of Maya depicts a map containing animals known to exist at the time of the ancient Mayan civilisation. By superimposing a Polar Bear into the original composition, Lee disrupts the nature of the work by creating a sense of alienation and timelessness: a satirical and analogous comment on the artist’s position as a cultural wanderer, caught in a perpetual state of dislocation.

Jae Hoon Lee was born in 1973 in Seoul, South Korea. Lee’s solo exhibitions include Ground Zero, Starkwhite Auckland (2010), Nomad, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (2010), and Skin Projection, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton New Zealand (2003). Selected group exhibitions include Present Tense, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia(2010); Taste: Food and Feasting in Art, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand (2009); Jae Hoon Lee and Daniel Crooks, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia


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