Dacchi Dang: 5 x 5

6 June – 5 July 1997

Artist Statement:

5×5 is a series of black and white silver gelatine prints about my journey and exploration of the Vietnam landscape.

During the war, it was very difficult for many Vietnamese to explore the country because of the heavy fighting in the country. After the war ended, South Vietnam was effected badly from the social and economic cause of the North Communist government. My family like many other families had to work hard to earn some money for living and did not have much time for leisure. Not until my return in 1995, I had an opportunity to explore the country landscape for the first time.

These landscapes have given me a deep impression. City and country life styles always have a big difference between them. The city have a polluted environment because from the noise of the transport, people or new development. In contrast, when I was in the country, I had the feeling of walking back in time. The life style was more simple than city life. My interest is to capture this beautiful tranquility, and relate this experience through the image. It is soft and misty, light falling gently to the land, and bursting out of a peaceful and calm atmosphere that is hard to forget.