As You Take Time (時と共に)

14 – 25 August 2007

As You Take Time is an Australian-Japanese collaboration created by choreographer & film-maker Sue Healey.  Inspired by time working in Japan, Healey draws on the surreal shift in perception when immersed in a new culture.

Using projected imagery and live dance As You Take Time creates a contemplative and sensual space for all to enter – to take time.

The central concern is an articulation of time through sensitivity to rhythms and rituals that mark our experience of its passage. Time is a critical factor in our lives and although it is a fleeting, slippery subject to render, it has undeniable consequences for us. Our reality is such that we live in a speed-obsessed age. How do the Japanese think about time? Do we Australians have a different way of thinking and living with time?

Noted for her richly textured and sensuous work, Sue Healey brings complex, subtle rhythms of movement and film into compelling spatial arrangements that provide multiple perspectives to the nuances of time, through both cultural lenses.