Bilingual: Six Translations

14 July – 14 August 1999

Curator: Melissa Chiu
Assistant Curator: Tiffany Lee-Shoy
Artists: Ah Xian, Maria Cruz, Laurens Tan, Hanh Ngo, Juliana Wong and Hyun-Ju Lee
Bilingual: Six Translations catalogue is available in the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art library.

Gallery 4A [4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art] is pleased to announce Bilingual, an exhibition that brings together six Asian Australian artists whose work focuses on different themes of translation. This exhibition features work by Maria Cruz, Laurens Tan, Hyun-Ju Lee, Juliana Wong, Hanh Ngo and Ah Xian.

The idea of translation manifests itself in the work of these artists in a number of different ways, either through the translation between different cultures or translation between otherwise fixed mediums or technology.

Bilingual shows a diversity of practices by different generations of artists and work from a range of disciplines such as painting (Maria Cruz and Hyun-Ju Lee), craft-based practices (Ah Xian and Hanh Ngo) as well as computer imaging or new technology (Laurens Tan and Juliana Wong).