Biomorphs and Katherine Huang: News From Island

13 October – 6 November 1999

Curator: Melissa Chiu
Assistant Curator/Curator, Biomorphs: Tiffany Lee-Shoy
Arists, Biomorphs: Dong Wang Fan, Leonie Watson, Manuel Sharrad and Tammy Wong

Biomorphs is an exhibition which explored the interfaced between the ‘natural’ human body and machines and technology.

Katherine Huang uses everyday materials but instead of leaving these as blank issues of daily detritus, she imbues the mystery of alchemy into each installation. In her exhibition News From Island, ordinary objects take on the poetry of the middle ages; each piece an important part of a bigger and more complicated equation. Using drawings, appropriated stationery and other found objects, Huang’s work weaves a narrative from which many stories can be drawn out and pursued within the installation’s own logic.