Bright and Shining

Sydney, 24 February – 6 March 1999.

Australian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, 10 December 1999 – 27 January 2000.

Curator: Melissa Chiu
Artists: Lindy Lee, Tim Johnson, Victoria Lobregat and Natsuho Takita

The title of this exhibition evokes ideas of clarity and luminosity, but also refers to the way that each of the artists work with light. This idea is further extended by the use of light to represent a spiritual realm beyond the everyday. Victoria Lobregat’s paintings, for instance, feature Buddhist phrases painted on highly reflective, glittering surfaces; while Lindy lee’s random black brushwork over brightly coloured panels is informed by principles of Zen. Tim Johnson’s works also incorporate symbols and icons from a variety of religious and indigenous stories, floating like ethereal visions; while Natsuo Takita’s blurred and distorted images of photographs are contemplative visions of light. It is the constant oscillation and resonance of these concerns between each of the works that structures this exhibition.