Dacchi Dang: The Boat

26 October – 17 November, 2001. 

The exhibition The Boat consists of a 13 metre wooden boat, reconstructed by Dacchi Dang, built within the space of the gallery and is characteristic of the boats many Vietnamese refugees fled Vietnam on. The viewer is invited to enter into this cramped space to explore something of the experiences of Vietnamese boat refugees.

The reality of such journeys can be heard on recordings and interviews with members of the community, which accompany the exhibition. This oral history provides a potent context for the work. Whereas boat refugees were once considered victims of a devastating war, they can now be regarded as survivors of a phenomenal journey. The oral histories testify the strength and self-determination of this vibrant and dynamic community.

The Boat seeks to generate community discussion through the visual arts on the issues of migration, refugees and the identity of Vietnamese-Australians and celebrates 25 years of Vietnamese migration in Australia.

Header image: Dacchi Dang, The Boat, 2001, installation view

Dacchi Dang, The Boat, 2001, installation view

img059Dacchi Dang, The Boat, 2001, installation view

img053Dacchi Dang, The Boat [interior], 2001, installation view