Since 2011 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art has been working with Indonesian artist FX Harsono and a group of emerging artists, writers, historians and curators to form the curatorium, In Memory of A Name for Edge of Elsewhere 2012.

This group was asked to consider Harsono’s work, Rewriting the Erased (2009) as the springboard for a series of discussions into the social, political and historical impact of changing one’s name.

On Saturday 18 February 2-4pm as an outcome of their research and discussions the curatorium will present a series of public programs including a roundtable discussion with Harsono and conversation projects, that ask questions of the circumstances and contexts in which people change their names.

In Memory of a Name Mini-Symposium

In Memory of A Name will present a series of interviews, stories, discussions and performance as a mini-symposium during the afternoon. The ‘symposium’ will be held in the gallery space of 4A, and will simultaneously be recorded and podcast. Included is the following lineup of presentations from participants:

1)    Macushla Robinson speaks to participants from Celebrate-Obliterate-Recreate, focusing on how each person felt about having their personal stories and objects overwritten and how they in turn felt about overwriting someone else’s story.

2)    Andreas Jaka Pratama translates the names of 3 to 4 volunteers into Indonesian in Name Filtration System. He will also proceed to teach them the correct way to pronounce them and lead them through a discussion of what they think about the names they are given.

3)    Helen Fong ponders on the big question – can changing your name change your destiny? She interviews pranic healer/lawyer Yasaiah Ross and will have him analyse the names of two volunteers.

4)    Angela Stretch produces a radio documentary on a man who named his race horse 5 dollars based on the advice of a fortuneteller and his misadventure of trying to register that name.

5)   A roundtable discussion featuring FX Harsono, Macushla Robinson, Elly Kent and Toby Chapman, Assistant Curator, Edge of Elsewhere.



Thanks to all who made it down for the In Memory of a Name Mini-Symposium. Photos from the event are now up on the EDGE OF ELSEWHERE BLOG.


A complete list of podcast recordings from the event are now available on the EDGE OF ELSEWHERE BLOG.