Exhibition opening: For us sinners




The garden of Eden, as told by the Book of Genesis in the Bible, is home to the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil that is guarded by a serpent. The craftiest of God’s creations, the serpent persuades Eve to disobey her creator and eat the forbidden fruit, sharing a piece with Adam. This rebellion is discovered by God, who banishes the pair from paradise, sending humankind into the realm of worldly experience, including death, suffering, the inclination to sin, the loss of sanctifying grace and guilty conscious. From herein, the children of Adam and Eve are punished with this hereditary condition, known as ‘original sin’.

Historically understood within Catholicism as a story of temptation and sin brought on by the weakness of woman and the suppleness of the snake, Sydney based painter, Marikit Santiago reframes and complicates this history in a series of commissioned paintings. Combining the narrative power of Catholicism and the western art canon with her lived Australian-Filipino experience, For us sinners explores ‘original sin’ by freeing the story from its gendered taint of weakness and guilt. In a series of emotionally charged works that question the themes of utopia and dystopia, control and transgression, duty and autonomy, sex and sexual difference, paradise and exile, Santiago’s first institutional solo exhibition offers nuanced parables fit for the current moment.

Exhibition artist: Marakit Santiago

Curator: Micheal Do

Curatorial Assistant: Nicole Beck