Neha Choksi and Nell: Nell Nation/Party Streamers and Stephen Birch: Civic Minded

16 June – 10 July 1999

Prompted by the rise of the One Nation Party, Neha Choksi and Nell are collaborating on an installation that transforms the gallery space into their own Nation. The exhibition, Nell Nation/Party Streamers, explodes the propaganda symbols of a patriotic-society-gone-mad, whilst meditating on the personal victories of organised self-reliance. The artists describe their Nation as an ‘optimistic hand-made ploy for Utopia,’ with colourful flags proclaiming ownership of the Self, and party streamers celebrating a global consciousness.

Stephen Birch’s exhibition Civic Minded continues his witty and compelling explorations into the status of the human body in social and psychological space. Birch’s installation features a pair of floor-to-ceiling fibreglass sculpted trees. The tree forms are comfortable and familiar, and yet simultaneously bizarre for they are each equipped with a pair of human feet. As they face each other in deep conversation, their strange bodily rigidness and the promise of mobility collide.