Linda Sang: Chinoiserie

4 – 27 September 1997

Chinoiserie was Linda Sang’s new exhibition at Gallery 4A. Utilising food from Chinese cooking as a material for art, Sang prepared a visual delight.

Linda Sang created a tableau which mimics a traditional Chinese household. Latticework window screens, red plush carpet and claw feet table provided a setting for the unexpected.


Header Image: Chinoiserie, 1997, installation view, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. From clockwise left to right: Linda Sang, Moss Table, 1997, painted wood, moss. Linda Sang, Tripe Butterfly Chair, 1995, latex, steel. Linda Sang, Jack Fruit Footstool, 1997, wood, latex. Linda Sang, “Miss Sang” after “Miss Wong”, Tretchlkoff, 1997, oil on canvas, wood, painted by Jude Walker. Linda Sang, Chinese Cabbage Standing Lamp, 1997, latex, steel, perspex. Linda Sang, Bitter Melon Butterfly Chair, 1997, latex, steel. With thanks to Jude Walker and Gail Daley. All images courtesy the artist.