Mel Stringer: Sleepless in Seattle


Sleepless in Seattle

Mel Stringer is a Filipino-Australian Illustrator and Comic Artist currently based in Whidbey Island, a small island near Seattle, Washington.
Her artwork ranges from cute, digitally-created curvy girls full of attitude to her more rough comic work that is distributed in the form of photocopied zines.
A lot of her work is autobiographical in one way or another, whether it’s a direct diary entry or just inspired by her own experiences.
You can see more of Mel’s work by visiting her site where she creates monthly art packages for supporters.

In 2020, 4A Digital is


Watch a candid conversation between Filipina-Australian artist Mel Stringer and 4A Assistant Curator Reina Takeuchi, conducted between Stringer’s home studio at Seattle, USA and 4A’s Haymarket gallery in Sydney, Australia. In this episode, Stringer discusses the diaristic themes that drive her playful autobiographical practice, including notions of body positivity, cultural diaspora, and female-driven empowerment. The interview took place on 10 October 2020 as part of Sleepless in Seattle, commissioned for 4A Digital.



Access the interview transcript here.

Listen to the podcast version here.

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