My Chinatown

23 January – 3 February 2001.

Curator: Melissa Chiu
Contributors: City of Sydney Archives, King Fong, Diana Giese, Shirley Fitzgerald, Annette Shun Wah, Emmanuel Arroney, Kenneth Kwok & Sabrina Man, ACCA, Helen Pecheniuk, National Library of Australia, Irene Moss, Henry Tsang & Victor Tsang, Angela Chan, Gladys Lim, Jeffrey Ng, Mary Lee & Carlos Ung, CYL, Helen Fong, Howard Choy, Allen Yip, Eileen Lai & Lance Lai, John & Lois McEvoy, Benjamin Chow, Mark Costello, Capitol Theatre, Ruth Chong, Lily Ma, Jacqui Wong & Jackson Wong, The Mandarin Club, Linda Wong, Norma Oong, Bobby Leedow, William Yang, Chris Wong, Choy Lee Fut, Cyril & Milla Vincenc, Cyril’s Deli, Shen Jiawei, Maria Stark Bryan, OVB Ipoh, Melissa Smythe, Intro International, Teresa Cheng & Dominic Cheng, Chinatown Promotions, Martin Kwok, Goon Yee Tong and Nick Mahone

The Asia-Australia Arts Centre will present My Chinatown, an exhibition showcasing Sydney Chinatown over the last 150 years.

My Chinatown explores Sydney’s Chinatown and the local community from an historical and contemporary perspective. Photographs from the City of Sydney archives, dating from the 1890s, reflect Chinatown in the turn of the century. Other photographs from community members provide personal reflections of what it was like to be Chinese-Australian. Photographs of Quong Tart are also included. Sound recordings of interviews with Chinese Community leaders give an intimate history of growing up in Chinatown in the 1950s and 60s. While contemporary portraits of Chinese Australians by renowned photographer William Yang brings Chinatown into today’s relevance.

Header image: My Chinatown, 2001, exhibition view

My Chinatown, 2001, exhibition view

My Chinatown, 2001, exhibition view

My Chinatown, 2001, exhibition view