Poonkhin Khut: Pillow Songs and Di Wu: The Door of Silence

10 November – 4 December 1999

Pillow Songs is a powerful digital sound installation that plays with the tensions between sound and silence, tactility and memory, intimate domestic rituals and public space. Inspired by the suggestive stains left on old pillow casings, Poonkhin Khut transforms the gallery space into a shadowy underworld of atmospheres and aural fragments. Speakers buried inside pillows on three beds combine sounds and textures from a bank of CD players.

Di Wu’s paintings and drawings are a fusion of Tibetan Buddhist concerns and contemporary Western sensibility. His small-scale, meditative works incorporate images of mandalas and windows or doorways. They evoke rites of passage and allude to states of consciousness between life and death, or one world and the next.