31 August – 12 October 2007

Artists: Fergus Tam, Jeffrey Samuels, Karla Dickens, Aarone Meeks, Christine Christophersen, Harry Wedge, Andrew Lo, Adam Hill, Jenny Fraser, Gordon Hookey, joe Hurst, Jason Wing, Alfira O’Sullivan with guest artist Louise So of Sydney Girls High School

Produced and presented in collaboration with Boomalli Urban Aboriginal Arts Co-Operative.

Re-inscriptions brings a new perspective into the study of Asian Australians and Aboriginals through the common language of art. Aboriginal and Asian cultural experiences of living in Australia provide new perspectives about the potential of Australian culture. In this exhibition a variety of artists’ voices present observational, personal and political knowledge of culture and community. These artists represent the viewpoint of a minority within the Australian population and their artworks uncover personal experiences and perspectives, whilst also relating to the richness of Australia’s minority communities themselves. This exhibition explores the numerous parallels of community responsibility and challenging dominant orthodoxies within the arts establishment.


Header Image: Jason Wing, Untitled, 2007, acrylic and stencil, installation view