Kate Cotching: Searching for The Golden Egg

26 October – 17 November, 2001.

The Asia-Australia Arts Centre [4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art] is pleased to present Searching for The Golden Egg, an exhibition by Kate Cotching, a young emerging artist from Melbourne. Exhibiting in Gallery 4A’s [4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art] ground floor gallery, Cotching’s exhibition features an intricately designed paper-cut which fills the shopfront gallery space as it spirals and curves around the gallery walls.

Images of discarded rubbish and construction rubble are painstakingly carved into a single piece of paper, increasing in detail as it curves and spirals into itself. Intricately are painstakingly cut, the meticulousness of this gigantic paper-cut is juxtaposed against its subject matter which appear as shadows cast onto the gallery walls. Amidst this beautifully crafted landscape which represents a space and time unable to keep up with its rapidly developing environment, a single figure scratches through the debris, she continues to rummage for things worth saving.