Debra Porch and Harriet Parsons: Stitching in Time and Victoria Lobregat: A Positive Era of Change

19 May – 12 June 1999

Debra Porch and Harriet Parsons investigate aspects of mortality, using strands of hair to represent traces of their own existence. Parsons’  exquisite insect embroideries are created with her own hair, stitched painstakingly into satin squares, and stretched onto embroidery hoops. Resembling scientific specimens, the works are infused with the investment of time – time taken for her to stitch, to analyse and to investigate the insect captured and frozen in time.

Victoria Lobregat is commenting on our age of change. Continuing her investigation into the power of the symbol, Lobregat juxtaposes images of sacred symbols and the everyday motifs. The multiple signs and symbols of consumer desire, culture and spirituality represent a world of possibilities for co-existence-in-chaos, informed by Lobregat’s own bi-cultural experience (Filipino-Australian). Together, the symbols suggest the inherent presence of the spiritual in the everyday and become the focus of a contemplative memory. The symbols are reinvested with new meaning and hope to become positive indicators of change for the new millennium.