Strict Face: 4A Mix

“Mixed a few handfuls of home-listening favourites over the last few months and recorded them straight to tape after three practice takes during one overcast afternoon in mid-September 2020. No specific emotions/themes were cast to mind when approaching the mix, but one could say it’s sluggish, sensual and sombre (all at the same time) upon listening back.”
– Strict Face

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art · Strict Face

Strict Face is a Filipino producer/DJ hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. Whilst a member of the NLV Records roster since its inception, he has also released music on Local Action and Gobstopper Records over the years. He has frequently worked internationally, having toured throughout the UK & Europe and hosted radio shows in Paris, Hong Kong and London, while establishing a ongoing relationship with the underground club music scene in both his hometown and throughout Australia.

In 2020, 4A Digital is