4A is a non-profit organisation championed by patrons and supporters through tax deductible donations

Patrons Program

Our Patrons’ program is based on a system of auspicious numbers ending in ‘8’s. In many Asian cultures, the number 8 and its combinations are deemed lucky. In Cantonese ‘8’ is phonetically similar to the words ‘fortune’ and ‘wealth’. In pledging these auspicious amounts you can share your prosperity and help 4A achieve its important work.

Champion Patron    $50,000

Principal Patron       $18,888

Patron                        $8,888

Benefactor                 $2,888

Friend                        $888

Patrons assist us to:

    • Produce innovative and groundbreaking exhibitions
    • Present work by leading artists working in the region
    • Develop the careers of emerging artists, assisting them to produce new work at critical points of their development and to provide curatorial feedback for them to understand their practice in the context of contemporary Asian art discourse
    • Facilitate networks between Australian artists and the artists and critics of the region

Our acknowledgement of your support will occur on a yearly basis. We encourage you to support us over multiple years.

For more information about this program, please contact the 4A’s Director for more information on 02 9212 0380.

Trusts and Foundations

4A is supported by a number of trusts and foundations. We welcome enquiries from Trusts and Foundations about working together to deliver programs which support artists, cultural diversity in the arts, ground breaking exhibitions and educational outreach. 4A has a proven track record in delivering complex projects in Australia and overseas.

For more information about this program, please contact 4A’s Development Manager, Bridie Moran, for more information on 02 9212 0380.

Online Donations

You can support our activities by making small donations online or by joining our Patrons’ Program with a donation of $888 or over.

We would love to discuss your donations and offer assistance should you require – contact Bridie Moran on 02 9212 0380 or at

*The Australian Taxation office recognises the importance of donations to charitable organisations and provides incentives to encourage them. Donations will be received by the AAAA INC Fund of the The Asian Australian Artists Association Inc (4A) which has DGR status. All donations of $2 or more will be tax deductible.

If you would like to support 4A in other ways, or know more about our Supporters Program, please contact us.