Temporary Certainty


Rushdi Anwar and more to be announced.

Taking in zones of immense historical change wrought by geographic reorganisation and
subsequent cultural adaptation in the greater Asia region, Temporary Certainty presents
works by artists that are indelibly shaped by their emergence within a conditions of uneasy
reconciliation. With a special focus on Bengal and Kurdistan, including Australian artists
working in these regions, this exhibition explores how artists approach the whole question of
reconfiguring tradition in contemporary forms that embody the consequences of geopolitical
expediency. Grappling with tensions between certainty and doubt, permanence and all that
is ephemeral, Temporary Certainty contemplates the value of what can be gained with

Rushdi Anwar is a Melbourne-based who was born in Halabja, Kurdistan. His practice
across installation, sculpture, painting, photo-painting and video explores socio-political
issues of Kurdistan, Iraq and the Middle East through an investigation of form, material
vocabulary and processes of making. Anwar was educated in Kurdistan and Australia,
studying at the Institute of Kirkuk- Kurdistan and Enmore Design Centre/Sydney Institute. He
holds a Master of Fine Art (2010) and a Doctorate of Philosophy Art (2016) from the RMIT
University, Melbourne. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia,
Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Japan, Kurdistan, Norway, Switzerland,
Thailand, and United Arab Emirates. His works are held in the collections of the Australian
War Memorial, the Kurdistan Regional Government, and in private collections. Anwar has
curated exhibitions in Kurdistan (2010), Thailand (2012, 2015), and Australia (2013).
Following several artist-in- residence programs in Thailand, he is co-founder and co-
coordinator of Australian Thai Artist Interchange, Melbourne, an organisation founded in
2012 to enhance cross-cultural exchange, awareness and appreciation of art and culture
between Thais and Australians.

More artists to be announced.