The Mandala Project

18 January – 3 February 2001

Organiser: The Sydney Zen Centre
Artists: Glenys Jackson, Daniel Bogunovic, My Le Thai, Tim Johnson, Gilly Coote, Brendon Stewart, Sue Murray, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn and members of the Sydney Buddhist community

The Mandala Project is a collaborative work in progress organised by the Sydney Zen Centre bringing Zen, Chinese, Laotian, Tibetan and Vietnamese Buddhist communities together with visual artists. As the mandala gradually takes shape on the floor of the gallery, the design is covered with everyday objects such as beads, beans, rice, flowers, leaves, spices, seeds, coffee and tea. The participants in the project have individual artistic freedom to paint with and layer the colourful and aromatic materials, but in a spirit of mindfulness, will work with what has come before. Each day, as different individuals work on sections of the mandala, the design will unfold organically moment by moment.

Following Buddhist principles, the process of creation will include dissolution, making reference to the impermanence of our lives. A closing ceremony celebrating the mandala’s completeness and destruction will be held Saturday 3 February 2001, 3-6pm with a Buddhist blessing by Subhana Barzaghi, Sydney Zen Centre and guest speaker Jackie Menzies, Head Curator of Asian Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The Mandala Project is an official event of the Sydney Fringe Festival, 2001.

Header image: The Mandala Project [detail], 2001, installation view

The Mandala Project, 2001, exhibition view

The Mandala Project, 2001, installation view

The Mandala Project [detail], 2001, installation view