Things that fall apart



12 NOV – 13 DEC 2020

Exhibition artists: Nabilah Nordin and more to be announced

Things that fall apart is a collaborative artistic investigation into the premise of failure. Acknowledging that failure punctuates the creative process artists, writers and creatives embrace misfortune and disaster within the 4A gallery spaces allowing audiences to witness the evolving and generative power of defeat.

Imagining the gallery as a site of the unexpected Things that fall apart transforms the space from a place of presentation and into a space of the production. Within this space failure is embraced and becomes a determining influence. Unfolding over a month the exhibition builds upon the disappointments and missteps of the past to create new futures. Without the aim to finish, complete or conclude the act of creating becomes an ongoing, non-liner practice. Exploratory in nature Things that fall apart embraces chance with participating creatives allowing the audience to witness, and participate, in the creation of new work.