Jane Polkinghorne and Helen Hyatt-Johnston: Twilight Girls Go East!!! and Min Woo Bang: Sombre Reflections on Masters

7 April – 1 May 1999

The Twilight Girls Go East!!! is the latest collaborative project by artists Jane Polkinghorne and Helen Hyatt-Johnston. Both artists are featured in a series of photographs taking as their inspiration characters such as Bette Davis as Madame Sin and Shirley Maclaine as a geisha girl. By recreating images of Westerners dressing up as Asians, the Twilight Girls humourously and at times shockingly explore Western representations of the East in film.

Min Woo Bang, a South Korean born Sydney-based artist, presents a series of paintings based upon Western masterpieces by Caravaggio and Rembrandt. Instead of directly copying these images he paints himself into them as the main figure. This has the effect of undermining our assumptions that master paintings are Western.