25 MAY – 14 JULY 2012.

Artists: Tony Albert, Brook Andrew, Melissa Howe, Roslisham Ismail (ISE), Michael Lee, Greg Semu, Alexander Seton, Tim Silver, Tony Twigg

Variable Truth examines alternative aesthetic and conceptual trajectories in contemporary art based upon close readings of Australian art and social history. The exhibition includes Australian and international artists who examine the Asia-Pacific Region to inform an expanded understanding of their own historical trajectories.

In recent history, Australia’s cultural environment has experienced drastic shifts due to increased awareness of cultural diversity, globalisation and the impact of emerging economic powerbases. Alongside these significant changes, are the precedents of artists such as Ian Fairweather, who looked internationally for cross-cultural fertilisation.

The works presented in Variable Truth reflect the conceptual approach of artists like Fairweather, offering alternative perspectives on internationalism in contemporary Australian art and society.


Download and listen to Director of 4A and Curator of Variable Truth, Aaron Seeto’s recent interview on Arts Thursday, Eastside Radio 89.5FM by Maren Smith before you visit 4A.

Tharunka by Harriet Levenston


Further details on Ise’s project can be found in 4A News and on the project’s blog

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.