4A to Present the Sydney Pavilion at Shanghai Biennale 2012

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art has been selected to present the Sydney Pavilion at the 9th Shanghai Biennale, which will run from October 1 at the brand-new Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, formerly the Pavilion of the Future at World Expo 2010.

This year’s Shanghai Biennale is under the artistic direction of curators Qiu Zhijie (Chief Curator), Boris Groys, Jens Hoffman and Johnson Chang, with the curatorial theme of ‘Reactivation’. This theme looks at the vitality of contemporary art, but also focuses on the topics of art, urban space, communities, daily life and cultural exchange.

One of the platforms which the curatorial team is investigating for the first time this year is ‘City Pavilions’, inviting leading arts organisations from cities around the world to work with them to develop a component of the Biennale.

4A has been invited by the Shanghai Biennale as a co-organising institution to develop Sydney, as a Pavilion, to explore the dynamic relationships and histories shared between Sydney and Shanghai, and the role that cities play within global cultural exchanges.

This is an exciting official collaboration between an Australian arts institution and the Shanghai Biennale, and is a major strategic international opportunity for 4A. This collaboration recognises the significant position 4A holds as one of the leading contemporary Australian art institutions working closely with the Asia-Pacific Region, and the contribution that 4A has made over the years in connecting Australia with the international Asian arts community.