4A Papers

Launched in November 2016, 4A Papers is an online publishing platform committed to covering a range of stories, ideas, responses and styles on the art and culture of our region. Posted every six months, 4A Papers revolves around five degrees of perspectives: NOW, THEN, MAKE, TALK, SEE. From critical essays, historical analyses and experimental articulations of what it means to engage with the world today, to conversations, reviews and travelogues that seek to create a dialogue, 4A Papers is responsive to what is happening around us.

4A Papers Issue #10 will be released on 5 October 2021.

Issue 9, November 2020

4A Papers Issue 9, November 2020  Letter from the Editor It’s all about...

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Issue 8, May 2020

4A Papers Issue 8, May 2020 – Wansolwara: One Salt Water In...

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Issue 7, November 2019

Letter from the Editor   Save your breath It’s smoky out. Walking...

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Issue 6, May 2019

Letter from the Editor   Temporary loss of information The wheel of...

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Issue 5, November 2018

Letter from the Editor   Back to zero To chase one’s tail...

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Issue 4, May 2018

Letter from the Editor   Deliver on your promises It’s good advice,...

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Issue 3, November 2017

Letter from the Editor   Something happened  Something is always happening. Somewhere,...

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Issue 2, May 2017

Letter from the Editor   It’s always good to have options If...

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Issue 1, November 2016

Letter from the Editor   I would prefer not to Presumably, dear...

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