4A TALKS // Shireen Taweel

Shireen Taweel in conversation with Reina Takeuchi

William Street Creative Hub, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Watch a conversation between Lebanese-Australian artist Shireen Taweel and 4A Assistant Curator Reina Takeuchi in Taweel’s Sydney home-studio, presented as part of the 4A TALKS series.

In this episode, Taweel discusses her artistic practice and coppersmith techniques, as well as the cross-cultural histories and social relationships that inform her work, which incorporates sculpture, installation and sound. Takeuchi and Taweel also reflect on the the stories and concepts behind Taweel’s work, tracing transcendence, on view at 4A in the exhibition Holding Patterns: Shireen Taweel  (3-25 September).

The interview took place on 5 September 2020 in Taweel’s studio on William Street, Darlinghurst, where city life and traffic bustle can be heard intermittently in the background.

Download the transcript here.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art · 4A TALKS // Shireen Taweel

Image credits in the video:

Holding Patterns: Shireen Taweel, Installation views, 2020, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art; photo: Kai Wasikowski for 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Shireen Taweel in her studio at Darlinghurst, Sydney; photo: Leigh Griffiths for Broadsheet Sydney.

Shireen Taweel in her studio at Parramatta Artists Studio, 2018, courtesy Parramatta Artists Studios; photo: Jacquie Manning

Shireen Taweel studio image; photo: Eloise Fuss.

Shireen Taweel, tracing transcendence, 2018, The Substation; photo: Matthew Stanton.

Instagram process images and videos by Shireen Taweel.

All assets courtesy the artist.