4A TALKS // Art, craft, collective solidarity and fandom culture: Sophia Cai

4A TALKS | THURSDAY 13 MAY | 6PM – 6:45PM 

Art, craft, collective solidarity and fandom culture:
Sophia Cai in conversation with Mariam Arcilla

Curator, writer and knitter Sophia Cai speaks with Mariam Arcilla (from 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art) about the mobilising power of art, craft and fandom culture as antidotes to racism and socio-cultural trauma. Hear Cai reveal the story behind her work, Safety Yellow Woman, and how collective solidarity and self-care have helped shape her creative practice. Cai and Arcilla also discuss the cross-cultural digests that have become vitamins during surreal times. Note: the audio conversation was recorded via Instagram Live, so sound levels may vary.

This 4A TALK was held on Thursday 13 May 2021 as part of the exhibition series Acute Actions: Responses to I Am Not a Virus at 4A from 15 April – 3 July 2021, presented by 4A and Diversity Arts Australia.

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Sophia Cai is a curator and arts writer based in Narrm/Melbourne, Australia. She currently teaches as a sessional lecturer in the department of Critical and Theoretical Studies, Victorian College of Arts at the University of Melbourne, while also maintaining an independent curating and writing practice. Sophia is particularly interested in Asian art history, the intersection between contemporary art and craft, as well as feminist methodologies and community-based practices.

Images (top-bottom):

Sophia Cai, Safety Yellow Woman, 2020-2021, hand-knitted wool garment – adult size, yarn support provided by Fancy Tiger Crafts. Courtesy the artist.

Sophia Cai, headshot, courtesy the artist.