Asia-Pacific Documentary Film Festival

March 2006

Artists: Avic Ilagan, Jae Hoon Lee, Michael Shaowanasai, Wang Jian Wei, Kylie Wilkinson, Robert Nery

Curator: Binghui Huangfu

Gallery 4A participated in the 2006 Asia-Pacific Documentary Film Festival exhibiting Filipino artist Avic Ilagan’s video about the repatriation of Filipino domestic workers from Hong Kong; Sydney artist Rober Nery’s 90-minute video about Catholicism in the Philippines including a nails-and-all re-enactment of the crucifixion; and Wang Jianwei’s documentary about Chinese living in half-finished luxury apartments abandoned by developers amongst Jae Hoon Lee, Michael Shaowanasai, Wang Jian Wei and Kylie Wilkinson.

The first screenings were shown at Performance Space, from March 8-11, 2006.

Second screening, titled Nationalism: What are you talking about, was shown at Gallery 4A from March 23-31, 2006.