8 February – 9 March 2002.

My Chinatown: Sites of Significance is an exhibition that explores the experience of the Chinese in Australia from a historical and contemporary perspective. Photographs, objects and memorabilia from private family collections, which date from the 1880s to the present day record sites such as suburban Chinese restaurants and cafes, temples, market gardens and trade stores. Sites of Significance also features the work of five contemporary artists: Tom Dion, Lindy Lee, Laurens Tan, Paula Wong and William Yang, whose art practices explore different aspects and levels of identification with their Chinese-Australian identity. Sites of Significance brings together contemporary art and historical material to illustrate an important interface between cultural history and contemporary innovation, highlighting a dynamic living history of Chinese communities in Australia.

My Chinatown: Sites of Significance is sponsored by the City of Sydney Chinese New Year Festival.


5 – 15 May 1999

Curator: Melissa Chiu
Artists: Peter Atkins, Sylvia Chan, Collette Dinnigan, Dinosaur Designs, Natasha Ivachoff, Kewday Skateboards, Li Liang, Ron Muncaster, Pol Nettleton, Bronwyn Oliver, Scott Redford, Nike Savvas and Miles Whippy.

Art meets fashion in an exciting exhibition at Gallery 4A. Accessory is an exhibition exploring creative links between fashion and art through a series of collaborations with fashion designers and artists.

Each fashion designer has been matched up with a contemporary artist to create an artwork that reveals innovation within both disciplines. For example Collette Dinnigan’s lace creations are featured alongside 1994 Moet & Chandon Prize winner, Bronwyn Oliver’s delicate whimsical wire sculptures.

Another collaboration features objects by Dinosaur Designs and a painting by Peter Atkins (representative for Australia in the Indian Triennale in 1994), both inspired a swatch of bold, geometric Marimekko fabric from the ’60’s. Natasha Ivachoff of PIGSINSPACE is working with funky young artist, Miles Whippy to create a fashion narrative in photographs.

Accessory continues Gallery 4A’s commitment to fashion and art. Gallery 4A recently held a banquet and fashion parade featuring designs by Akira, Nelson Leong, ninetysix, Sylvia Chan and Wayne Cooper. Exhibitions at Gallery 4A have been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Business Review Weekly and regularly in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Accessory is an event of the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week festival.

Header image: Dinosaur Designs and Peter Atkins, Melooni and Maija Isola’s “Melooni” Form c.1963, 1999, 8 oval side plates, 2 large oval platters, 3 organic oval dishes, 1 large organic oval offering dish, 1 Melooni mobile, enamel and oil on canvas.

Regina Walter: Everyday Elegance

13 – 29 August 1998

Curator: Melissa Chiu
Part of the Signs and Wonders project.
Catalogue available in the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art library.

An enticingly beautiful installation by Regina Walter (b. 1970, Sydney). The entire gallery is filled with industrial-sized white inflated plastic bags. The artist’s intention is to make us reconsider the blank or negative space within the gallery.