Calligraphy As Resource: Chinese Modern Calligraphic Art In Contemporary Context

January – February 2004

Curator: Yang Yingshi

Artists: Cai Menxia, Ge Gan, Bu Lieping, Qui Zhenzhong, Qui Zhijie, Shao Yan, Wang Dongling, Wang Nanming, Wei Ligang, Yan Binghui, Zeng Laide, Zhang Dawo, Zhang Qiang and Zhu Quingsheng.

To celebrate the festivities of the Chinese New Year, Gallery 4a is presenting a highly anticipated exhibition on the art of calligraphy. It will include the work of fourteen artists that have travelled all the way from China to hold performances and workshops for the general public, as well as exhibit their new school of calligraphy work.

Modern calligraphy reveals the unique encounter between modernity and tradition and how it merges together in a range of styles and media’s. Many artists are finding new inspiration from traditional Chinese calligraphy for their artwork, as well as showing influence of abstract expressionism. From this, they continue to enhance the modernisation an internalisation of this new art movement. Some of these artists have also been exploring links between Chinese artists practicing modern calligraphy while in Australia.

The artists presented in this exhibition were all born and raised in China. Many of them were among the first to be exhibited using modern calligraphy in 1985, and have since continued on to exhibitions abroad.