Fundraising Exhibition

May – June 2003

4A’s annual fundraising exhibition.

Artists: Marion Borgelt, Jon Cattapan, Zhong Chen, Maria Cruz, Dacchi Dang, Anne Ferran, Emil Goh, Rowena Gough, Cherry Hood, Shen Jiawei, Lindy Lee, Victoria Lobregat, Deborah Paauwe, David Serisier, Sally Smart, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Laurens Tan, My Le Thi, Blanche Tilden, Fan Dong Wan, Guan Wei, Ah Xian, Liu Xiao Xian, William Yang, John Yang, Anne Sahalka, Gang Zhao, Kate Beyton, Cherine Fahd, David Griggs, Nell, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Aaron Seeto, Renee So, Selina Ou, Andrea Tu


exhibition-view-3  exhibition-view-5

Nightvision I-IV

Nightvision is a project that consists of public screenings of video art involving emerging artists and curators in a series of four exhibitions of short and silent video works. Presented outside the Gallery 4A’s exhibition hours, rear-projected in the gallery’s ground floor window, the exhibition will be screened sunset to sunrise on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays over a period of a few weeks.

The projected videos will expose people who may be unfamiliar with contemporary art to the activities of young video artists from around the country and around the world. This project aimed to engage, support and promote young artists and to develop audiences for contemporary art that uses modern technology.

Nightvision I: Airfreight Copy

February – March 2003

Artists: Go Watanabe, Renaud Bezy

Curator: Emil Goh

Nightvision II: Puncture Capital

March – April 2003

Artists: Patrick Abboud, Catriona McKenzie, The Boat People

Curator: Amanda Cacchia

Nightvision III: Really Reel

April – May 2003

Artists: Kate Just, Chloe Salvaris, DAMP, Muto Isamu, Yoshida Hikari, Sawanobori Kyoko (N-Mark Japan), Dion Sanderson

Curator: Larissa Hjorth

Nightvision IV: The Long

May – June 2003

Artists: Brad Hammond, Paula Wong, Samantha Rath, Cecelia Huynh, Luke Butterworth

Curator: Aaron Seeto


19 September – 18 October 2003


Artists: Lindy Lee, Greg Leong, William Yang

Jia (Family, House, Home) is a group exhibition presented with the Carnivale Multicultural Arts Festival. To be opened by Mr King Fong OAM.

The exhibition toured internationally with an opening held at the Hong Kong Fringe Club on 4 February 2004. Included speeches by Douglas Gautier (Executive Director, HK Arts Festival), the officiating guests John Phibeam, Deputy Consul-General of Australian Consulate General Hong Kong, and Benny Chia, Director of Fringe Club, and participating artists Lindy Lee and William Yang respectively. A video of the opening can be found on Asian Art Archive.

4A Members’ Exhibition 2003

From 18 December 2003

Over one hundred works by one hundred Asian-Australian Arts Association members will be exhibited at this year’s Annual Members’ Exhibition. The opening night will include toasts by guest speakers as well as raffles with prizes sponsored by Sydney businesses. Everyone is welcome and all profits will go back into bringing more contemporary Asian art to Sydney as well as supporting local and emerging artists, and community and education programs.

Debra Porch: Angels and Creeps

21 November – 13 December 2003 

Brisbane-based artist Debra Porch presents an exhibition Angels and Creeps. Viewable 24 hours a day from the street, Debra Porch explores the convergence between memory and visibility through a sensuous installation of fabric constructions and video projections. Following her previous work, Angels and Creeps questions the link between the ‘visible’ (objects), to the ‘invisible’ space that connects an individual’s memory and experience.

Debra Porch is based in Queensland. She has exhibited widely including Silpakorn Art Centre, Thailand; Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre; Goldcoast Regional Gallery as well as the Institute for Modern Art, Brisbane and Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts.

Simon Cuthbert: Persistent Nature

21 November – 13 December 

Simon Cuthbert‘s exhibition of photo media works, Persistant Nature is based on Cuthbert’s recent travels around the world, including Japan. Where he has been transfixed by the construction and representation of the natural world within the built environment and public spaces.

Simon Cuthbert is an artist based in Tasmania who has exhibited at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, Queensland, CAST Gallery, Tasmania Gold Coast City Gallery as well as artist run spaces in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Koky Saly and Kijeong Song: How Much Longer Will You Live Like This + Couples

21 November – 13 December 2003

A two person exhibition that brings together two innovative innovative bodies of work by young and emerging artists Koky Saly and Kijeong Song. Their strange photographs are inspired by the relationships that have evolved around them and raise awareness of the culturally complex societies in which they live.

Koky Saly is an artist based in Melbourne, he has exhibited in artist run initiatives in Melbourne, as well as at the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.

Kijeong Song is an artist based in Sydney.

Adam Geczy: Origami / Mel O’Callaghan: In the Halflight / Annabelle Collett: Dress Codes

24 October – 15 November 2003

The Asia-Australia Arts Centre presents three concurrent exhibitions across the gallery.

In the ground floor gallery we have Adam Geczy’s Origami: World Without Elements, a new installation of folded origami pieces connected by cotton thread, commemorating the story of Sadako Sasaki.

Mel O’Callaghan’s In The Halflight, an exhibition of photographic works and laser cut stainless steel sculptures. In The Halflight is generously supported by Photo Technica. Showing alongside O’Callaghan on level 1 is Dress Codes by Annabelle Collett, a series of dressmaker’s patterns and fashion design installations.

Adrienne Tasker presents a series of digital print on fabric works in the Project Space.



Huang Rui Gang: Windows and Doors / Anie Nheu: Stitched, Naked / Antonia Radich: One Thousand Pieces

22 August – 13 September 2003

The Asia-Australia Arts Centre presents three exhibitions.

Huang Rui Gang’s Windows and Doors is a series of seven watercolour on paper works. Exhibiting alongside on level 1 is Anie Nheu’s Stitched, Naked, a salon hang installation of 21 graphite on paper works.

Antonia Radich’s striking installation One Thousand Pieces fills out the ground floor gallery.

Erna Lilje’s Specimens No 1 is presented in the vitrine.



Antonia Radich, One Thousand Pieces, 2003, paper bags, red-dyed paper, 434 x 276.5cm


Antonia Radich, One Thousand Pieces, 2003, paper bags, red-dyed paper, 434 x 276.5cm

Talechaser / Nuha Saad: Ripple with Stripes (The White Room)

25 July – 16 August 2003

The Asia-Australia Arts Centre presents the group exhibition Talechaser, featuring works from Luke Butterworth, Hayden Fowler, Huseyin Sami and Sangeeta Sandrasegar. Talechaser is curated by Aaron Seeto.

Exhibiting alongside this major group exhibition is Nuha Saad’s Ripples with Stripes (The White Room), a series of 10 acrylic paint on MDF works.



Luke ButterworthProposal Sublime Ecotourist / Land Art Monument, 2003, cardboard and wood


Hayden Fowler, The Nature Machine, 2003,  timber, A4 colour prints, TV monitors, electrical, accessories, VHS, floorlamps, hessian, earth, grass


Sangeeta Sandrasegar, The Gathering and Gossiping of Various Tools, 2003, paper cuts


Huseyin Sami, Spaghetti, 2003, household acrylic paint.


Huseyin Sami, Platform 2003, 2003, mixed media; Untitled, 2003, household acrylic paint on canvas


L-R: Huseyin Sami, Untitled, 2003, timber, household acrylic paint, plywood; Drip Painting, 2003, household acrylic paint on window; Platform 2003, 2003, mixed media

Sandy Saxon: Trade and Transcendence / Neal Smith: mobilefortune / Sandra Cross: Insideoutside

27 June – 19 July 2003

The Asia-Australia Arts Centre presents three concurrent exhibitions from emerging artists.

Exhibiting on the first floor are Sandy Saxon, presenting Trade and Transcendence: Paying the Ferryman, a series of mixed media plaques, and glassworks alongside two etchings on paper; and Neal Smith’s mobilefortune containing four acrylic on MDF works. Neal Smith is represented by Damien Minton Gallery.

The ground floor gallery houses Sandra Cross’ Insideoutside, an installation of 41 scrolls.

Craig Loxley presents a nine naturalistic works in the vitrine space.

Indians & Cowboys

2 – 24 May 2003

Artists: Fiona Foley, Jitish Kallat, Michael Parekowhai, Gigi Scaria, Ronnie van Hout and Shez Dawood.

Indians & Cowboys is a major group exhibition that brings together the work of six internationally recognised artists whose works share a slyly humorous approach to serious issues of cultural politics, nationality, and personal identities.

The myth of the Cowboy and the Indian has been a part of childhood play for the West. Set into conflict, the myth of the ‘Indian’ and ‘Cowboy’ has formed images of stereotypical force. Indians & Cowboys seeks to echo the irreverent tone found within the exhibition title and the artwork in the exhibition – turning around the easy dualisms we encounter within our negotiations of difference.

The Indians & Cowboys project has been supported by the New South Wales Ministry for the Arts, the Migration Heritage Centre, the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and the Asian Australian Artists Association Inc..

Exhibition Documentation


Indians & Cowboys, 2003, exhibition view


Indians & Cowboys, 2003, exhibition view


Indians & Cowboys, 2003, exhibition view
Jitish KallatQuaratine Day, 2003, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, exhibition view.
Michael Parekowhai, Clayton Moore and Harold Smith, 2003, rabbit and mixed media, installation view
Ronnie van Hout, I guess, I lose [detail], 2003, mixed media, installation view
Gigi Scaria, Untitled dawring, 2001, mixed media on paper, installation view


Fiona Foley, Indian Heads, 2003, postcards on paper, installation view

Wang Jianwei: Ceremony

“Beating Drums in Criticism of Cao” is a story that uses the figure of Cao Cao to portray a classic example of a treacherous court official. The story is based on three different literary texts whose time of writing span over 1000 years: History of Eastern Han, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and the traditional play called “Kuang Gu Shi Yu Yang San Nong”. The writers and styles of these sources vary greatly: the first text is a court historian’s annals, the second text is an oral narrative passed down and collected among the common people, and the third text is a traditional dramatic play.

The exhibition entitled Ceremony is founded on the historical process of the creation of these three literary texts, and it uses a personal story to analyze a historical event . During this ceremony, everybody participates both as a speaker and as a performer, and the stage turns into a place where history and the present come together. In doing so, the audience plays a role in furthering the relationship between drama and history.

Wang Jianwei was born in China’s Sichuan province in 1958 and obtained a masters degree in 1987 from China National Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou where he studied in the oil painting department.

My Chinatown: Restaurant Kids

31 January – 22 February 2003

My Chinatown: Restaurant Kids is an Asia-Australia Arts Centre project which explores the dynamic social history of the Chinese-Australian community in Sydney many of whom have lived here for five generations. The exhibition showcases their experiences through their personal photographs and objects.

The exhibition  explores the phenomenon of Chinese Restaurants in Sydney’s Chinatown and surrounds through four generations of kids who grew up within a Chinese restaurant environment. It features Quong Tart’s Tea House in the late nineteenth century through to the popular restaurants, cafes and nightclubs of the 40s, 50s and 60s including the famous Chequers Nightclub.

This exhibition is an official event of the City of Sydney Chinese New Year festival program and will be launched at 6pm on Thursday 30 January 2003 at the Asia-Australia Arts Centre, Haymarket.

My Chinatown: Restaurant Kids is sponsored by the City of Sydney, Star City Hotel and Casino, Big Colour Imaging Artarmon, Martell Cognac and Penfolds Wines.

Exhibition Documentation