4A EDITION VOL 1 #4 Now Released

VOL 1, # 4
Per Memoriam ad Spem (2011)
Offset Lithographic Print
Paper size 60 x 40 cm

FX Harsono (b. 1949, Indonesia) is recognised for playing a pivotal role in the development of contemporary art in Indonesia. FX’s shifting practice includes his involvement as a leading member of Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru (New Art Movement) in the mid-seventies; creating politically-charged performance and installations in the nineties.While his work deals directly with the trauma of Indonesia’s modern history, it has far reaching consequences, in its exploration of diaspora, cultural memory and personal histories. In 2010, a mid-career survey of his practice, Testimonies, was held at Singapore Art Museum.

FX Harsono was born in East Java, Indonesia in 1949. He studied painting at STSRI ‘ASRI’ Yogyakarta, Indonesia (1969 – 74) and at Jakarta Art Institute, Indonesia (1987 – 91). He has been included in a number of major exhibition projects, including Testimonies (2010) at the Singapore Art Museum; the 3rd Kwangju Biennale (2001, Kwangju South Korea); Tradition/Tension (1996, Asia Society, New York); The Asia-Pacific Triennial (1993, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane). He currently lives and works in Jakarta.


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EDGE OF ELSEWHERE – Jun Nguyen Hatsushiba – Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 – Canberra

In October, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba  completed a stage of his ongoing project, Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 in Canberra, ACT commissioned for Edge of Elsewhere. The performance was part of am ongoing project in which the artist aims to run the diameter of the Earth, 12,756.3 km, in a series of performances that will be documented in still and video photography, along with topographical maps that track the artist’s movement via GPS.

Nguyen-Hatsushiba’s performance in Canberra was commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art for the final installment of Edge of Elsewhere, 2012.

Jun’s performance in Canberra traced the perimeter of Christmas Island, a territory of Australia located in the Indian Ocean, that entered the collective consciousness in recent history. In 2001, Christmas Island was the site of what became known as the Tampa controversy, in which the Australian government stopped a Norweigan ship, MV Tampa, from disembarking 438 rescued asylum seekers at Christmas Island. The ensuing standoff and the political remifications for the Australian government were a major issue in the 2001 Australian federal election.


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For more photographs of Jun’s performance, check the Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 – Canberra Facebook page here.



Edge of Elsewhere is produced for Sydney Festival by Campbelltown Arts Centre and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, and is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, through Community Partnerships and the Visual Arts Board, and the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

EDGE OF ELSEWHERE – Workshop – FX Harsono: In Memory of a Name

Throughout 2011, the Edge of Elsewhere team was working with Indonesian artist FX Harsono and a curatorium of emerging cultural producers – artists, writers, curators, academics – as part of the artists contribution to Edge of Elsewhere. Through a series of workshops, online discussions, meetings and individual research the group has conisdered the implications of, and decisions tha lead to changing one’s name.

In late October, 2011 Harsono returned to Sydney to participate in the third In Memory of a Name curatorium workshop. The workshop was a chance for participants to come together to share their individual research and begin discussions about how the outcomes of their progress so far.

The curatorium will present a selection of outcomes from their individual and collective research as part of the 2012 Edge of Elsewhere exhibition program. These outcomes are still in development, but stay tuned for more details closer to January!

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Edge of Elsewhere is produced for Sydney Festival by Campbelltown Arts Centre and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, and is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, through Community Partnerships and the Visual Arts Board, and the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

4A EDITION VOL 1, #3 Now released

VOL 1, #3
Coral Jug (2011)
Southern Ice Porcelain
12 x 9 x 8 cm
Produced at Claystone Pottery

Vipoo Srivilasa was born in Thailand and is currently based in Melbourne. He works primarily in ceramics, using age-old techniques of pinching and blue and white painting as the basis for his work. His hand-formed pieces are often irreverent, witty and personal, with detailed drawings and unexpected decoration.

Srivilasa’s Coral Jug is a personal response to the significant impact that changing environmental conditions is having on coral reefs. Srivilasa crafted the piece to resemble the texture of coral and glazed its interior to create a functioning jug. The artist encourages us to use this jug daily to remind us of the impact humans have on the fragile natural world. Many of you will remember Vipoo’s fantastic Roop-Rote-Ruang (Taste-Touch-Tell) dinner projects from 2008.


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4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art announces new artist residency program for Australian artists to Beijing in the studios of art Shen Shaomin

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is proud to launch a residency program in Beijing supported by the renowned Chinese-Australian artist Shen Shaomin.

In 2012, 4A will offer a month long residency program in China. This is 4A’s first international initiative for an artist from Australia. Selected through a competitive application process, the artist will be based at the artist studios of Shen Shaomin located in Beijing, presently China’s most vibrant epicentre for contemporary art.

Shen’s studios were set up a decade ago when he moved back to Beijing after years spent abroad in Australia. The expansive complex served as the site for contemplation and reflection on his cross cultural experiences. It is where he conceived much of the experimental and audacious installations which have been presented throughout the US, Europe, China and Australia in the past decade including his ‘Bonsai’ series and silica gel figures of former communist leaders at the 2010 Biennale of Sydney.

Shen is now keen to nurture creative experiences and new opportunities for Australian artists in his studio complex in Beijing. He is keen to give younger Australian artists access to new cultural networks as well as establishing productive connections between China and Australia.

Director Aaron Seeto says “Since 4A’s inception we have been dedicated to facilitating creative networks between Australia and the Asia-Pacific. We are proud to be working with one of the key Chinese-Australian artists who has been involved with 4A’s activities for over a decade. Since returning to Beijing, where he has developed a significant international profile, Shen Shaomin has been thinking very deeply about the type and quality of support that can be offered to Australian artists, and he has very generously offered his own studio as this cultural bridge. As we move through the Asian Century, it is important for artists and the cultural sector, as it is in other industries in Australia to have the opportunity to witness some of the big cultural changes taking shape in the region.”

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4A’s elevation to an Australia Council Key Organisation

In a highly competitive field of Australian cultural organisations, 4A was one of two new organisations elevated to Key Organisation status. This is an acknowledgement of the important national role that 4A plays. Professor Ted Snell, Chair of the Australia Council’s Visual Arts Board states: “4A is a dynamic organisation at the cutting edge of contemporary practice and after many years of hard work it is now in a good position to offer its adventurous and ambitious program of exhibitions and activities to a wider audience.“

Established in 1996 to present and promote cultural dialogue between Australia and the Asian region. It’s membership has included some of the key Asian-Australian artists, critics, curators and collectors as well as working with key artists from the region. The increase in funding will allow 4A to continue its work, to create broader Asian cultural networks and to raise awareness amongst Australian communities of contemporary art from the Asia-Pacific region.

“4A is a pioneer Australian cultural organisation, and is ideally located within the Asian and Australian context,” says Daniel Droga, a philanthropist, collector of Contemporary Chinese art and the Chairman of the 4A Board. “The current national focus on Australian and Asian relations and the growing global interest in contemporary Asian art, reinforces 4A’s ongoing national and international relevance. This is timely recognition of the consistent and hard work that 4A has undertaken throughout its history.”

Since 2008, under the direction of Aaron Seeto, a curator and artist, the organisation has undergone a number of program and organisational shifts. “4A has as important legacy as a leading contemporary Asian arts organisations not only within Australia but within the Asia Pacific Region,” says Seeto. “As Australia considers its role within what has been termed the Asian Century, knowledge of the cultural shifts occuring in the Asia Pacific region, where we are located, is vitally important to this countries’ future. Key Organisation status, will allow 4A to further facilitate its work in the Asian region by encouraging artist to artist collaborations and create pathways for greater cultural awareness and Asian cultural literacy.”

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Jason Wing
Double Happiness (2011)
Offset lithograph
70 x 50 cm
Printer, Big Fag Press

Jason Wing is a Sydney-based artist whose Chinese and Aboriginal heritage has played an important part in his artistic development. The strong influence of street art in Wing’s practice is referenced in Double Happiness through the use of bold outline and colours, and the often less than perfect registration that occurs when stenciling on the streets.

The image of the boy is a reoccurring motif throughout Wing’s work. Nestled in the middle of a two-headed deer, the figure represents the transitional phase from innocence, or the point of intersection when making significant life decisions. The deer is based on an image the artist found in a grocery store in Chinatown, and is said to bring long-life and prosperity. The reuse of imagery is typical of Wing, rebirth and recycling being thematic concerns throughout his practice.


An initiative of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian, EDITION is a yearly subscription project of specially commissioned limited edition artworks. It is a unique opportunity to begin or expand your collection of works by some of the leading international, national or emerging contemporary Asian and Australian artists. The commissioned artists are kept secret until they arrive on your doorstep.

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Opportunity: In Memory of A Name – Edge of Elsewhere: Emerging Critics Workshop

People change their names under different circumstances and in different places. Often there are historical reasons as well as sociocultural implications that underpin such motivation. What can we learn about representation and identity from this process? What are the complications when a person acquires a new name?

4A is seeking emerging artists, curators, critics and other cultural practitioners (sociologists, writers, urban planners, architects, historians) to collaborate with FX Harsono’s project In Memory of a Name to develop new work for Edge of Elsewhere 2012.

The project contributes to the growth of critical culture by seeking to develop a framework for social research. It provides emerging practitioners with a unique professional development opportunity to gain invaluable insight into a creative methodology for art making and thinking.

Led by Indonesian artist FX Harsono, participants will be invited to form a curatorium, which will embark on a research project which centres on the changing of one’s name in relation to the socio-historical contexts of migration in Australia and Asia. In the process, the project extends to consider the articulation of memory structure and the past, as well as the performance of identity and its political implications.

Edge of Elsewhere is a major three-year project that brings together some of the most exciting contemporary artists from across Australia, Asia and the Pacific to develop new artworks in partnership with Sydney communities. It is the flagship contemporary art project in Sydney Festival’s program over three consecutive years in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Edge of Elsewhere is produced for Sydney Festival by Campbelltown Arts Centre and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

To apply, please send us your CV and an expression of interest stating in no more than one page what you hope to gain from this workshop to simon.soon@4a.com.au

Places are limited. 4A will be able to cover traveling costs and accommodation for two interstate participants. Applications closes at 5pm, Friday 29th April 2011

2 Day Workshop: 27 – 28 May 2011 (Fri-Sat)
Research Phase: June – November 2011

Follow-up Workshop: End of November 2011
Project Presentation: Edge of Elsewhere (January 2012)