4A EDITION VOL 1, #3 Now released

VOL 1, #3
Coral Jug (2011)
Southern Ice Porcelain
12 x 9 x 8 cm
Produced at Claystone Pottery

Vipoo Srivilasa was born in Thailand and is currently based in Melbourne. He works primarily in ceramics, using age-old techniques of pinching and blue and white painting as the basis for his work. His hand-formed pieces are often irreverent, witty and personal, with detailed drawings and unexpected decoration.

Srivilasa’s Coral Jug is a personal response to the significant impact that changing environmental conditions is having on coral reefs. Srivilasa crafted the piece to resemble the texture of coral and glazed its interior to create a functioning jug. The artist encourages us to use this jug daily to remind us of the impact humans have on the fragile natural world. Many of you will remember Vipoo’s fantastic Roop-Rote-Ruang (Taste-Touch-Tell) dinner projects from 2008.


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