Club 4A 2019


On May 25 2019, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art presents the second edition of Club 4A, leaving the confines of the white cube and taking performance art back to the club.

Curated by Mathew Spisbah and Rainbow Chan, Club 4A will host an evening of adventurous performance and audio visual art at Dynasty Karaoke, Chinatown. For the second event in this series, launched by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in 2018, we welcome the avant-garde club sounds of headlining Chinese artist Rui Ho.

Known for her work on Shanghai label Genome 6.66 MBP and her genre-defying live performances, Rui Ho will make her Australian debut at Club 4A. With a practice that bridges modern club influences with traditional Chinese sounds, her music fuses the tension of heritage, identity and modernity in a globalised world.

Club 4A will also feature new collaborative works from interdisciplinary artists Rainbow Chan x Marcus Whale, live electronic improvisations from Del Lumanta x Milkffish, the sensitive and brutal catharsis of Ptwiggs, Yumgod’s deconstructed footwork techniques and the debut performance of Wtychings.

Showcasing alongside these musicians, Club 4A presents new visual and 3D works from Hong Kong artist Harry Chan will create the LED backdrop for the evening, plus animated contributions by Sydney videos artists Kynan Tan and Craig Stubbs-Race.



Rui HO is a Berlin based Chinese artist making electronic music that bridges modern club influences with traditional Chinese sounds. Her music is inspired by a diverse range of club genres, Rui Ho combines the intensity these sounds with sweet and refreshing melodies from her past and present.

Rainbow Chan & Marcus Whale, Sydney based artists and musicians, collaborate to perform a new semi-imporvised piece, drawing on their mutual interests in identity and memory. Rainbow Chan is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and musician whose works engage with mistranslation, diaspora and globalisation. Marcus Whale similarly works across music, performance and text, focusing on the blurry, haunted intersection between desire and religion. In this joint performance the pair melds together voice, electronics, and marginalised narratives.

Del Lumanta & Milkffish bring together their distinctive musical voices through this collaborative performance.  Del Lumanta is an artist and musician from Western Sydney. Their ambient music is a meditation on modern restlessness. Their other music projects include GAS, Call Compatible, Video Ezy (Paradise Daily), Skyline (Nice Music) and Basic Human (Meatspin). Milkffish is an experimental noise-maker who blends digital sounds, field recordings, bass guitar and Filipino folkloric instruments.

Yumgod aka Neil Cabaingan, is a Filipino producer known for his deconstructed footwork techniques. Having worked with Pacifica rap crews such as Fanu Spa and being an integral part of TSV label in Melbourne, Yumgod’s output crosses juke, footwork, trap and hip-hop.

Ptwigg aka Pheobe Twiggs, is a Sydney based prodcuer who creates expansive, deconstructed bass productions; swerving between the sensitive and the brutal in the blink of an eye. Working with extended recording techniques, Twigg produces lustral, experimental club music as a form of catharsis. Her debut EP ‘Purge’ explores the eerie and unnerving, meticulously crafting each track whilst disregarding genre imposed boundaries.


Kynan Tan is interested in networks, data, relationality and digital systems of control, exploring these areas through digitally-derived artworks. These works engage with digital aesthetics, code and data, taking form as multi-channel audio-visual performances and installations, sculptures, sound, and 3D simulations of data processes and materials. These works collectively examine the affectivity and relationality of digital systems as they operate across (non)sensibility.

Harry Chan is a Hong Kong based artist working in photomedia. His works often reconfigure quotidian objects into humorous, poetic and absurd combinations. For Club 4A, Harry Chan’s new video work will be in dialogue with Rui Ho’s futuristic music by experimenting with VR footage of Hong Kong cityscapes. Follow him on @nth_hppns

Craig Stubbs-Race is a 3D designer/artist with a passion for typography, experimental shapes, and communicating succinct messages through motion. With a background in film-making, his work is inspired by a range of text-based graphics including interactive digital art, book covers, band posters and East Asian signage. See @craig_sr.

ABOUT 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art fosters excellence and innovation in contemporary Asian and Australian culture through research, documentation, development, discussion and presentation of contemporary visual art. We believe that Asian cultural thinking will have an important impact on the future. 4A’s aim is to ensure contemporary visual art plays a central role in understanding the dynamic relationship between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 4A has a distinctive approach to addressing Australia’s cultural diversity through a dynamic program including local and international exhibitions, public programs, workshops, seminars, symposiums and community activities. These have been recognised locally and internationally as having raised awareness of Asian-Australian art and culture and Australia’s place in the Asia-Pacific region.

Club 4A is presented by project partner 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in Sydney, with support from project partner Liquid Architecture.

Header: Craig Stubbs-Race