Culture Graft

24 September – 10 October 1998

Curator: Melissa Chiu
Artists: Ah Xian (b. 1960, Beijing, China), Wang Zhiyuan (b. 1958, Tianjin, China) and Guan Wei (b. 1957, Beijing, China)

Culture Graft is the title of an exhibition featuring the work of three Chinese-Australian artists: Ah Xian, Wang Zhiyuan and Guan Wei. The title of this exhibition is intended to suggest the difficult and sometimes contradictory processes of acculturation – on aspect of the experience of migration – by using botanical technique of grafting as a metaphor. The definition of graft describes the coming together of two separate strands, while meld and grow together to become one. In the context of this exhibition this metaphor highlights a tension between different cultures (Chinese and Australian) making a clear distinction between the past and present.


Wang Zhiyuan, The Old Fable, 1998, ink on paper. Courtesy the artist.
Header image: Ah Xian, Fading Book Series – Mother Theresa (detail), 1998, toner on cloth bound book. Courtesy the artist.