Michael Thomson: Untitled, Cherine Fahd + Eloise de Hautecloclque: Musing & Debra Reich: Desiderata

26 April – 1 June 2002

Gallery 4A is pleased to present three exhibitions exploring ideas of seduction and desire through photography and fashion.

In Untitled, Michael Thomson assembles fur and fake fur coats into forms that allude to the feminine form. Essentially these fur assemblages are a formalist project that deals with texture, colour and shape, but also invite multiple readings through the luxury of the fur coats and the kitsch through their synthetic counterparts.

Musing by Eloise de Hautecloclque and Cherine Fahd explores ideas of collaboration and the body through photography and fashion. Using found garments, de Hauteclocque creates sensual sculptural objects, often stitched together by poetic texts describing both desire and absence. Fahd’s photographs of her muse, also reveals the body by trying to conceal it. In these small intimate photographs de Hautecloclque appears, documenting performance like moments within domestic spaces.

Desiderata is an exhibition by Debra Reich, a young and emerging artists based in Sydney. Reich’s work explores notions of beneath and above ground as a poetic parallel to physical and emotional states. In this work, Reich has photographed and digitally manipulated seedpods and other organic forms to a point of abstraction. Reich speaks of the seed and seed pod within these digitally constructed landscapes as carrying a symbolic richness and playing an integral role in communicating the irony of a constructed landscape which holds no life.

Michael Thomson is an artist based in regional NSW (Bathurst). His most recent project was the Canberra Contemporary Art Space earlier this year.

Eloise de Hauteclocque combines clothing and photography within her artistic practice. She has exhibited as part of Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, at Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney as well as at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

Cherine Fahd is an artist based in Sydney who has exhibited at Artspace Sydney, Gold Coast City Gallery and Casula Powerhouse. She is represented by Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney.

Debra Reich is a recent graduate of the National Art School. She was recently included in Momento Flori  at the Australian Centre for Photography. This will be her first solo exhibition.

Exhibition Documentation



Eloise de Hauteclocque, Kiss Me (Kiss me here, and here and here…), 2002, cotton lace dress, silk thread, exhibition view Asia-Australia Arts Centre [4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art].


Cherine Fahd and Eloise de Hauteclocque, Musing exhibition view, 2002, Asia-Australia Arts Centre [4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art]


Cherine Fahd and Eloise de Hauteclocque, Musing exhibition view, 2002, Asia-Australia Arts Centre [4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art]