Support 4A – Make a Donation before the end of Financial Year!

With three days left until the end of the Financial Year,
now is the time to support 4A by making a donation!

Donations come in all shapes and sizes!
Give us your change and make a small donation,
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If you would like more information or you are able to support us in other ways please contact Aaron Seeto on 02 9212 0380

By becoming a 4A donor you help us to continue to expand our work in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Your support provides direct opportunities for artists and contributes to developing understanding and insight into the contemporary art of the Region.

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The Australian Taxation Office recognises the importance of donations to charitable organisations and provides incentives to encourage them. The Asian Australian Artists Association Inc (4A) is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations. All donations of $2 or more will be fully tax deductible and will be received by the AAAA INC FUND. ABN 31 013 253 308