Jason Wing
Double Happiness (2011)
Offset lithograph
70 x 50 cm
Printer, Big Fag Press

Jason Wing is a Sydney-based artist whose Chinese and Aboriginal heritage has played an important part in his artistic development. The strong influence of street art in Wing’s practice is referenced in Double Happiness through the use of bold outline and colours, and the often less than perfect registration that occurs when stenciling on the streets.

The image of the boy is a reoccurring motif throughout Wing’s work. Nestled in the middle of a two-headed deer, the figure represents the transitional phase from innocence, or the point of intersection when making significant life decisions. The deer is based on an image the artist found in a grocery store in Chinatown, and is said to bring long-life and prosperity. The reuse of imagery is typical of Wing, rebirth and recycling being thematic concerns throughout his practice.


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