Bronia Iwanczak: Exit/Salida, George Poonkhin Khut: Chinoiseries (Lost in Translation) & Richard Butler-Bowdon: Nine Contemporary Australians

7 – 29 June 2002

Gallery 4a is delighted to present three exhibitions that explore culture, identity and ethnicity through sound, installation, photography and portraiture.

Exit/Salida is an exhibition by Bronia Iwanczak that incorporates photography and sculptural installation to explore identity in its various forms. Iwanczak is concerned with the formation and embodiment of identity, its organic source in land and place, and the relationships between individual and collective identity.

Chinoiseries (Lost in Translation) is a sound installation by George Poonkhin Khut that explores cultural authenticity, ethnicity and ambiguity between Anglo-Australian and Chinese-Malaysian cultures. Khut creates a sound installation where he takes recordings of spoken Mandarin, splices these sounds and rearranges them into a jumbled sonic collage. Through this, he humorously questions his own identity as a Chinese man who cannot speak Chinese.

Nine Contemporary Australians by Richard Butler-Bowdon is an exhibition of portraits that deal with cultural exchange and Asian identity in contemporary Australian urban life. He depicts individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds such as Samoa, Japan and Vietnam who represent the complexity of Asian-Australian identities in Australia.

Bronia Iwanczak is a Sydney-based artist who has been exhibiting since 1988 both overseas and throughout Australia, including the Contemporary Art Centre in Adelaide and Ian Potter Gallery in Melbourne.

George Poonkhin Khut has been working since 1987 in a variety of media including sound, video, design, installation and performance. He has exhibited widely in Australia including the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and Art Space in Sydney.

Richard Butler-Bowdon is a painter and installation artist who has been exhibiting since 1993 in a number of solo and group exhibitions including Nexus Multicultural Gallery-Lion Arts Centre Adelaide South Australia, Spencer Street Gallery in West Melbourne and BUS Gallery in Melbourne.