Artists: Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Owen Leong, Kynan Tan

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art presented the works of three Australian artists as part of the inaugural Longli International New Media Arts Festival in Longli Ancient Town, China, in early October 2016.

 Three Sydney-based artists of Chinese heritage were selected for participation by 4A: Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Sydney-based singer, producer and performance artist whose works investigate translation, diaspora and the fluid relationship between original and copy; Owen Leong, a contemporary artist exploring the transmission of culture and the body as a physical site of exchange; and Kynan Tan, a Perth-born, Sydney-based artist interested in networks, relationality and digital systems of control.

Accompanied to the Festival by 4A Program Manager Pedro de Almeida, the three artists responded to the Festival’s theme “Metabolism” with a series of media works, installed within an ancient temple.

Longli International New Media Arts Festival is supported by the China Culture Industrial Investment Fund, and focuses focused on the integration of regional culture with the folk culture of Longli, to make artistic works strike a chord with the Ancient City of Longli in various new ways.

Longli International New Media Arts Festival rans from 1 – 5 October, 2016.




Chun Yin Rainbow Chan is a multidisciplinary artist who works across sound, performance and installation. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Sydney, she is interested in duality, diaspora and the effects of globalisation on modern Chinese society. Chan often evokes traditional Chinese methods or styles and represents them in uncanny ways. Her research engages with the authentic and the copy, exploring sites of exchange and desire which complicate Western notions of originality and “appropriate” consumption.

Central to Chan’s work is the circulation of knock-off objects, sounds and images in global media. Her work positions the fake as a complex sign that shapes new myths, values and contemporary commodity production. Sustained by a parasitic relationship to the original, the counterfeit interacts with the world in unpredictable ways. Chan investigates how these mimetic symbols, such as bootlegs or fake luxury goods, problematise the socially-regulated impulse of consumerist desire.

Tying together her works across installation and pop music is the relationship between nostalgia, migration and identity. Since winning FBi Radio’s Northern Lights Competition in 2011, Chan has been building a reputation as one of the most innovative artists in Australia with her highly personal, experimental pop music. She recently released her debut album Spacings (Silo Arts & Records) which was met with critical acclaim, handpicked as the feature album on FBi Radio, Radio Adelaide, RTRFM and scoring 4 stars from Rolling Stone.


Owen Leong is a contemporary artist exploring the transmission of culture and the body as a physical site of exchange. His work transforms the body through fictional selves to open a space for new identities to come into being. In recent work, Leong engages more deeply with his heritage; turning towards Chinese medicine, philosophy, and ancient systems of cultural knowledge to explore the poetics of healing.

Leong has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally including solo exhibitions at Artereal Gallery, Sydney; Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects, Melbourne; and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney. His work has been exhibited in major group exhibitions at Singapore Art Museum; Today Art Museum, Beijing; Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai; OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen; and the National Museum of Poznan, Poland.

In 2015, he received the prestigious Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award, one of the most important annual surveys of contemporary Australian photographic practice.

Leong is the recipient of numerous awards and grants from the Australia Council for the Arts, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, Art Gallery of NSW and Asialink. He has held residencies at Artspace, Sydney; Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art, Manchester; Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan; Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai; and is currently in-residence at Parramatta Artist Studios, Sydney. Leong’s work is held in the public collections of Bendigo Art Gallery, Gold Coast City Gallery, Murray Art Museum Albury, and private collections in Australia and internationally.

Leong holds a Master of Fine Arts by research at College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, where he studied printmaking, sculpture, performance and installation, and was the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award.



Kynan Tan is an artist interested in networks, relationality and digital systems of control, exploring these areas through artworks that are themselves multi-sensory relational structures. These works engage with digital aesthetics, code and data, taking form as multi-screen audiovisual performances and installations, 3D-printed sculptures, sound, and kinetic artworks of electronic circuits, speakers and lights.

Kynan has been the recipient of a DCA Young People and the Arts Fellowship (2013), Australia Council Artstart grant (2013), and participated in the JUMP Mentorship Program (2012), studying with audiovisual artist Robin Fox. Kynan has performed in Japan, Germany, New Zealand and throughout Australia, including events such as Test Tone (Tokyo), Channels Video Art Festival (Melbourne) and the NOW now Festival of Art (Sydney). His installation works have also been exhibited at MOCA (Taipei, Taiwan), NH7 Festival (Pune, India), First Draft (Sydney), Fremantle Arts Centre (Perth) and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Kynan is currently a PhD candidate at UNSW Art & Design.



The Longli Media Arts Festival is to be situated in Longli Ancient town, listed as one of the ecological museums in Guizhou for the cooperation between China and the Kingdom of Norway due to its profound ecological cultural deposits. The town has enchanted artists from all over the world.

As a result, the China Culture Industrial Investment Fund will offer critical support to the Longli International New Media Arts Festival in terms of partnership promotions, investment and financing, talent training, technical support and expert consulting. The Fund will also encourage the organizers to apply for China’s special funds for cultural industry development this year.