4 Feburary – 5 March, 2005

Artist: Liu Xiao Xian

Game opened the 2005 program of the Asia Australia Art Centre coinciding with the Chinese New Year Celebrations. The project involved the exhibition of works by emerging Australian artist Liu Xiao Xian ranging from photographs, sculpture and installation pieces.

The exhibition explored Liu Xiao Xian’s practice reflecting his experience of being Chinese outside of China. He achieves this in his works through an almost poetic exploration of history that incorporated historical images such as nineteenth century stereo photographs. This is reflected in the works exhibited entitled My Other Lives, which are large stereoscopic photographs of famous cities around the world with the artist inserting his own visage in the imagery. A key concern of this work is to render visible the presence of Asian-Australians within the dominant narratives of Australian history by providing a cultural and visual discussion of what it means to live both ‘in’ and ‘out’ of Australia and China.