Indians & Cowboys

2 – 24 May 2003

Artists: Fiona Foley, Jitish Kallat, Michael Parekowhai, Gigi Scaria, Ronnie van Hout and Shez Dawood.

Indians & Cowboys is a major group exhibition that brings together the work of six internationally recognised artists whose works share a slyly humorous approach to serious issues of cultural politics, nationality, and personal identities.

The myth of the Cowboy and the Indian has been a part of childhood play for the West. Set into conflict, the myth of the ‘Indian’ and ‘Cowboy’ has formed images of stereotypical force. Indians & Cowboys seeks to echo the irreverent tone found within the exhibition title and the artwork in the exhibition – turning around the easy dualisms we encounter within our negotiations of difference.

The Indians & Cowboys project has been supported by the New South Wales Ministry for the Arts, the Migration Heritage Centre, the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and the Asian Australian Artists Association Inc..

Exhibition Documentation


Indians & Cowboys, 2003, exhibition view


Indians & Cowboys, 2003, exhibition view


Indians & Cowboys, 2003, exhibition view
Jitish KallatQuaratine Day, 2003, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, exhibition view.
Michael Parekowhai, Clayton Moore and Harold Smith, 2003, rabbit and mixed media, installation view
Ronnie van Hout, I guess, I lose [detail], 2003, mixed media, installation view
Gigi Scaria, Untitled dawring, 2001, mixed media on paper, installation view


Fiona Foley, Indian Heads, 2003, postcards on paper, installation view