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Yangjiang Group, one of China’s most talked about artist groups, is coming to Australia this Summer to take over our patch of Sydney’s Chinatown. Through their unique brand of Chinese calligraphy and all-night binge brainstorming sessions that lead to wild ideas and spontaneous, strange and surreal happenings, Yangjiang Group explode the boundaries of traditional Chinese art forms to explore ideas of collective action and the ever-shifting dynamic of the individual in relation to the group.

Hailing from Yangjiang, a coastal city in Guangdong province, Yangjiang Group has three members – Zheng Guogu (郑国谷), Chen Zaiyan (陈再炎) and Sun Qinglin (孙庆麟) who have developed projects all over the world. They expand ideas of traditional Chinese calligraphy in experimental and surprising ways alongside performance, painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation. Their works are often a series of daily actions and processes that take several forms: from large-scale architectural structures that envelope audiences in offbeat and immersive environments, to performances that invite social actions and private introspection.  

4A has been selected by Art Basel’s International Crowdfunding Jury to be part of Art Basel’s Crowdfunding Initiative that supports projects from non-profit visual arts organisations from around the world.

With your support Yangjiang Group will surprise and delight audiences with Actions for Tomorrow (明日行动) an intoxicating contemporary art project to heat up Sydney’s summer.

More than just an exhibition of artwork Actions for Tomorrow is a process that highlights the importance of artistic actions as part of our everyday encounters, tracing arcs of activity and points of contact between individual and collective forces in Asia alongside our own Australian context. The project will comprise a major installation at 4A and a one-night-only performance and party at the Chinese Gardens of Friendship during Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival Celebrations.


Image above: Yangjiang Group,  Interior Courtyard III (The Garden of Pine) (2008), Multimedia Installations, Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artists.



Yangjiang Group, After Dinner Shu Fa, 2012, Performance and Photo, Exhibition view at Eastside Projects. Courtesy the artists.


Yangjang Group, The Garden of Pine – Also fierce than tiger (2010), mixed media installation. Courtesy the artists.