Meet the Artist: Shireen Taweel


As part of Holding Patterns: Shireen Taweel, artist Shireen Taweel and exhibition curator Reina Takeuchi will be present at 4A on Saturday 12 September between 11am-1pm to give visitors an opportunity to discuss the works with them in person.

Please note, in line with COVIDSafe visitor guidelines, there is a limit of 8 visitors to our Haymarket gallery at one time. If you would like to reserve a time to meet the artist or visit the exhibition from 3 – 25 September, please make a booking here.

Shireen Taweel (b. 1990, Bankstown, lives and works in Sydney, Australia) is a multimedia installation artist whose work broaches issues of the construction of cultural heritage, knowledge and identity through language and the constantly shifting public space of the social, political and religious axiom. Her artistic practice draws from the personal experiences of being Lebanese Australian living between cultures, and how the physical spaces within her community reflect a complex cultural landscape of transformation, expressed through hybridity and plurality. The project development of Shireen’s works are often site-specific, weaving local narratives and research with a focus on experimentation in material and sound through site. Shireen’s constant acquisition of traditional coppersmith artisan skills is a research vessel for community-focused conceptual development, and through a progressive application of the collected artisan techniques and a manipulation of the traditional acts of making that leads to possibilities of cross-cultural discourse, opening dialogues of shared histories and fluid community identities.

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