Nightvision I-IV

Nightvision is a project that consists of public screenings of video art involving emerging artists and curators in a series of four exhibitions of short and silent video works. Presented outside the Gallery 4A’s exhibition hours, rear-projected in the gallery’s ground floor window, the exhibition will be screened sunset to sunrise on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays over a period of a few weeks.

The projected videos will expose people who may be unfamiliar with contemporary art to the activities of young video artists from around the country and around the world. This project aimed to engage, support and promote young artists and to develop audiences for contemporary art that uses modern technology.

Nightvision I: Airfreight Copy

February – March 2003

Artists: Go Watanabe, Renaud Bezy

Curator: Emil Goh

Nightvision II: Puncture Capital

March – April 2003

Artists: Patrick Abboud, Catriona McKenzie, The Boat People

Curator: Amanda Cacchia

Nightvision III: Really Reel

April – May 2003

Artists: Kate Just, Chloe Salvaris, DAMP, Muto Isamu, Yoshida Hikari, Sawanobori Kyoko (N-Mark Japan), Dion Sanderson

Curator: Larissa Hjorth

Nightvision IV: The Long

May – June 2003

Artists: Brad Hammond, Paula Wong, Samantha Rath, Cecelia Huynh, Luke Butterworth

Curator: Aaron Seeto