Performance – Caochangdi 404

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art hosts Caochangdi 404, a performance by Beijing-based American artist An Xiao. Caochangdi 404 is the second in the series of social media performances presented by Portal – an international, cross-platform project curated by Janis Ferberg (Sydney) and Stephen Truax (New York).

An Xiao’s Caochangdi 404 is an online performance and installation connecting a Sydney audience with local residents and artists in Caochangdi, one of Beijing’s more famous art villages.

Drawing from the conceptual art tradition of Lawrence Weiner, Yoko Ono, Zhang Peili and Fluxus, Xiao will provide a set of simple instructions in both Mandarin and English for a conversational exchange between participants in both locations, utilising social media platforms.

In constructing this conceptual framework for exchange, Xiao seeks to address issues of connectivity in the 21st century by considering two barriers to contemporary communication: technological constraints and the basic, but ancient problem of language barrier.

We welcome you to join us in the gallery or online to participate in this performance.

For more information contact Portal