Publication Launch – Our Issue: Curatorial actions shaping a discourse about Asia from Asia

Publication launch

Our Issue: Curatorial actions shaping a discourse about Asia from Asia 

4A is pleased to host the Sydney launch of Anabelle Lacroix’s recent publication at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

5.30PM, Thursday May 25 2017, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. 181-187 Hay Street, Haymarket, Sydney

The publication will be launched by writer and curator Anabelle Lacroix in conversation with Luise Guest from White Rabbit.

About Our Issue:

After several continuous waves of European, Japanese and Chinese colonisation, Taiwan is now seeking to create a clear political and cultural identity of its own. Informed by its unique history Taiwan is home to a thriving and engaged contemporary art scene that is increasingly active. Our Issue is a new publication that captures a growing section of Taiwanese contemporary art.

In 2016 Taiwan has three major biennales running concurrently and a host of other cultural events offering a plethora of diverse contemporary offerings. It brought to the fore the strengthening of a discourse about ‘Asia from Asia’—from within, as opposed to a Western one—with ideas of decolonisation and ‘de-cold War’ at its centre. This essay sheds light, and discusses the growth of curatorial projects from within Asia that seek to profile a shifting discourse in the region. Examining major biennales, museum exhibitions as well as independent spaces and artist-run initiatives, Lacroix’s new publication considers emerging perspectives of contemporary Asian art in Taiwan.

This bilingual English – Chinese publication was published by the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts following Anabelle Lacroix’s curatorial residency at the museum. This residency is a reciprocal exchange between RMIT University and Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA).


Anabelle Lacroix is a curator based in Melbourne, currently working as a research assistant at the VCA, University of Melbourne on a project on Artist Run Initiatives in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, and produces the visual arts program of the Melbourne Festival. Prior to her Taipei residency she took part in the 2016 4A Curators’ Intensive, and is now co-curating an upcoming 2017 Liquid Architecture project in Taiwan.

Luise Guest is Director of Education and Research for the White Rabbit Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art. With a background in art education and freelance writing focused on China, Luise’s art writing has been published in a range of online and print journals. Her book, ‘Half the Sky: Conversations with Women Artists in China’ was published by Piper Press in 2016, and she curated exhibitions in Hong Kong and Beijing to coincide with its launch in China. Luise’s current research focuses on contemporary female artists who subvert the conventions of ink painting and calligraphy. She blogs at


This launch is held in conjunction with 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art’s Australian premier screenings of He Xiangyu’s The Swim which will begin at 6.3opm. You are welcome to attend.