SEMINAR: Asian-Australian Voices

A four part seminar series examining the role of Asian communities in contemporary Australian culture.

Seminar 1: Reinventing Tradition22 June 2001

Speakers: Helen Fong (chair), Mabel Lee, Greg Leong, Xiao Xian Liu, Dr. Peter Wong

Seminar 2: Shifting Perspectives -Departing from Japanese Cultural Stereotypes in Australia, 24 August 2001

Speakers: Terumi Narushima (chair), Yuji Stone, Chaco Kato, Asako Izawa, Jun Tagami

Seminar 3: Onwards Journeys -Charting the Vietnamese-Australian Identity, November 2001

Speakers: Thang Ngo (chair), Dacchi Dang, Dai Le, Khao Do, Cuong Phu Le, Hanh Ngo

Seminar 4: Mapping the Chinese-Australian Landscape -Places of Work, Leisure, Worship, 2002

Speakers: Helen Fong (chair), Howard Choy, Keep Fong OAM, Ann Toy, Tom Dion