Space Invaders

23 March- 22 April 2006.

Space Invaders brings together artists and works to examine the relationship between materiality and space, our relation to space and to explore the spatiality of art, art institutions and our interactions with them.

Croatian born Australian artist Biljana Jancic’s untitled work is a display of inflated everyday plastic bags. This work constructs the bags into a free formed sculptural assemblage structured around internal space. The air in the bags and their spread in the gallery investigates our relation to materials and hollow, empty space.

Sydney based artist Alex Davies‘s installation Puglist Series 449 he explores space as we are faced with a boxer moving at alternate speeds, slowly then all at once invading the exhibition space.

The installation Study in Chaos (aperiodic thought-factors) by Sydney based artist Suzan Liu explores the interconnectivity, narrative and interpersonal relationships we form to space. The work of twisting and turning cables allow for her exploration of space to take on a physicality as you follow it around the wall in the gallery space.

Japanese born Sydney based artist Koji Ryui’s installation Construction #2 explores space as the white molecular objects surge, intersect and rise in the space; contorting and controlling its own use of space and expressing the materiality of gallery spaces.

Australian artist Mimi Tong’s work Folding Interface directly challenges the perception of spatiality of art objects and art institutions. The contorted canvases that form a maze within the gallery challenge the way in which we interact with a more traditional medium in an art gallery and question how space is utilised by institutions and artists.

Sam Smith‘s Passage consists of a projected video onto a large scale, hand made aeroplane chair, reflecting on the in-flight viewing experience of long haul flights. Set in a strange post-cinema world, this work explores how we inhabit new media spaces, drawing on film history, the experience of cinema and the technical vocabulary of new media production.